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Epub 3 Indexes Vs Indices

epub 3 indexes vs indices


Epub 3 Indexes Vs Indices >>

















































Epub 3 Indexes Vs Indices, foto cbr 150 tahun 2008 nfl


Identification of an Index 2.3.1. 2.2.9 Punctuation and Lead-In Words This section is informative As can be seen in the examples in 2.2.7 Cross-references and 2.2.8 Term Categories and Generic Cross-Reference Targets, indexes often employ punctuation or special formatting to separate information in an entry (e.g., a comma between locators, a colon following a term, a period at the end of an entry) or to visually distinguish components (e.g., italicizing cross-references). This document does not address the interaction between an index and a reading system's search, but some suggestions regarding how they could interact may be found in Appendix C. Simple Ranges3.5. Conformance Criteria 3.1. A term cannot stand alone as an entry; it must have at least one locator, cross-reference, editor's note, or child entry. Locator Ranges 2.2.6. Pickett, George note As the index-term-categories nav element is typically not intended to be rendered to the user as part of the content flow, it should typically carry the hidden [ ContentDocs301 ] attribute. Reference to the img element. Third, indexes show relationships between topics. followed by the vendor name. 1 Overview 1.1 Purpose and Scope This section is informative This specification, EPUB Canonical Fragment Identifier (epubcfi), defines a standardized method for referencing arbitrary content within an EPUB Publication through the use of fragment identifiers. Second, indexes include topics at different degrees of precision, both general (broad) and specific. note This information may be used by the reading system to do any necessary preprocessing of indexes when opening an EPUB Publication. Both appear throughout the English-speaking world, but indices prevailsin varieties of English from outside North America, while indexes is more common in American and Canadian English. Structural Semantics Vocabulary index-entry-list Definition Series of consecutive main entries, or of consecutive subentries Required Parent Context index, index-group, or index-entry HTML Usage Context Use on ul element. The Stack Homepage Facebook Twitter Google LinkedIn RSS Feed CloserStill Media Ltd Suite 12, Exhibition House, Addison Bridge Place, London W14 8XP United Kingdom About The Stack The Team Contact Advertise at The Stack Send us a news tip Privacy policy Cookie policy Global tech expos from CloserStill London Cloud Expo Europe Cloud Security Smart IoT Data Centre World Frankfurt Cloud Expo Europe Data Centre World Paris Cloud Expo Europe Data Centre World Hong Kong Cloud Expo Asia Data Centre World Singapore Cloud Expo Asia CloudAsia Data Centre World The Stack is powered by UK Servers CloserStill Media Ltd 2014-2016, All Rights Reserved CloserStill . index-editor-note index-entry index-entry-list index-group index-headnotes index index-legend index-locator index-locator-list index-locator-range index-term index-term-categories index-term-category index-xref-preferred index-xref-related .


A complete definition of the EPUB CFI syntax is provided in the next section. Example 38, index consists of one content document: The index property is implied on the manifest item when the entire publication is defined as an index, as described in 2.3.1 above. The resulting bytes are escaped with the URI escaping mechanism (that is, converted to '%HH', where HH is the hexadecimal notation of the byte value). The minimal solution at this time is to employ alternate [CSS2.1] style sheets in conjunction with structural semantic information (2.2.6): It is to be hoped that more sophisticated reading systems and enhanced encoding options will eventually remove the need for alternate style sheets and allow "on the fly" filtering based on metadata within the index entries themselves. Try searching for similar questions Browse our recent questions Browse our popular tags If you feel something is missing that should be here, contact us. The following expression is then resolved from the root element of the referenced XML document, or from the targeted XML fragment (when specified). This ability to display/render only subsets of a content document is of general interest in ebooks, not only to indexes. C.7 Provision of Additional Information about Locator Targets As mentioned briefly in 2.2.6 Locator Target Structural Semantics, reading systems could exploit the presence of information about the nature of a locator's target to give the end user information about what type of "thing" they will find if they traverse a locator link. General Recommendations 2.4.2. An index group may contain, as its first child, a title for that group. Although proprietary schemes have been developed and implemented for individual Reading Systems, without a commonly-understood syntax there has been no way to achieve cross-platform interoperability. Example 7, with index head notes, index comprises part of content document: . b336a53425

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